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 Nuts are seeds (probably not from Curt) that are covered with a hard shell. Most are the seeds of trees (they don't fall far from the tree), but the seeds of a few other plants that are not strictly nuts will also be considered here as they can be conveniently classified with nuts for culinary purposes (like Oken).

Welcome from Bill, Ellen, Sarah, Kate, Bo, Clark, Geoff, Curt, Turissa, Jenn, Ray, Ricky, and Liam. (Too drunk to photograph: Adam, Leda, John G, Jon K, Derek M, the rest of the Brute Squad)

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Brian Evans left the Army??????

No, Brian Evans works as Barney!!!!!




Sailing News  
In the summer of 2000. We will be departing to Bermuda (yes, that island in the middle of the Atlantic). This will be something to tell your grand kids about. If you hate to shower don't worry everyone will smell worse than you. Let me know if you're interested in the trip. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience or political preference.


Viva Tuti The Men of the Chorus

Adam's Head And a Man Named Boris


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