¿The Nut Trivia Game ?


Who are you?

What is your Name?
What is your E-Mail Address?
What is your Favorite Color?

And Now the Game...

Rick does what in Four-Four Time?

Who are the Thud Brothers?

Name people who got married or enguaged last year (They must be someone who went to High School with us and I have to know them). 

Who came from the future and dropped off a CD At the Nut?

Clark had how many car accidents this year?
(a record low)

Who won the 1998 Battle of the Webmasters?

Crackers is known by what French word?
(in English)

Explain how Bo and Ray could get a $300 chair for only $40.

True or False:  Rick has a girlfriend.True   False

How many people who live at the Nut are on the lease?

Choose the incorrect statement:

True or False:  Ray's car conforms to all Connecticut Laws and Regulations.True    False

We know what a Lindstrom is.  What is a Lustrom?

What does "Curt Knox Hey He's a 10" refer to?

Where was Celine Dione born?

Winners will recieve a prize at the "Nutizen's New Years" Party.


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