John Goyette's Day

There once was a man named John Goyette
Who lived his life without a net

Happy, Go-Lucky, a careless fellow
His eyes were sincere, his socks, always yellow

But Johnny was saddened one fine summers day
To see that the summer was going away

In his garage he sat for an hour
He used many tools, some of them power!

And when he emerged with the sweat on his brow
He had built a machine would make you go "WOW"

It had sweet chrome exhaust and a circular blade
It was three tons of metal, this machine that John made

He smiled as he sang and danced all about
And flicking the ON switch, he said "CHECK THIS OUT"

The machine it did whirr, the deep sound shook your gut
More so than his technology stand at the NUT

On lookers backed away with fear in their eyes
One man shouted out "hey, it's blowing the skies"

And that's what it did, like a sweater de-lint-er
It flew in the air and drove away fall and winter!

The people did whoop and holler and parade
Oh the wonder of the thing that John Goyette made

It kept the crops growing, the sun high in the sky
Ray Lansing sailed as weeks and months flew by

But summer did not end, it just kept on going
Ski mountains couldn't even make money snow-blowing

While summer was fun, and the warm air so happy,
John Goyette was feeling mightily crappy

"What have I done, this perpetual summer
What I thought would be fun is quite a big bummer!"

November is cold and should stay that way!
December should not bring a T-shirt a day!

Sure it is nice, people laugh and cavort!
But Santa should not wear Bermuda shorts"

It is time for me to bring winter to town
And with a flick of a switch, John shut his summer down.

Winter growled fiercely as it rolled through the streets
And people were caught without shoes on their feets

Angry mobs flooded John's poor garage
And subdued him with a snowball barrage

They locked John away and threw out the key
And he sat in his cell as winter unleashed

But spring never came, nor summer, nor fall
In fact, besides winter, there was nothing at all

And John he sat quiet until her heard the voice
That said, "John Goyette, you leave me no choice!"

And John was brought back through the mountains of snow
The garage where he first made his machine go

"Turn it on" said the man, and John flicked the switch
But the big ol' machine just thumped a bit and hissed

"It's broken, you see, it was never intended "
To see such a winter. It cannot be mended.

But I can build another, but different in style
Leave me alone, and come back in a while

And John stepped inside of his big ol' garage
And emerged hours later with something quite large

He flicked on the switch and with something of a poof
The snow melted of John Goyette's Garage roof

From the ground and the trees and the grass in the yards
And the sound of the ice breaking into tiny shards

And then, from the ground, came a beautiful sight
A flower emerged into newfound spring light

Everyone cheered and John was lifted high
"To the bar", he shouted, "Quickly!", he cried

The man he took one look at the flower
And said, "I'm the only one with the power"

To hereby declare, proclaim, make and say
The first day of spring is John Goyette Day


And just for a note, let it be told
Ray Lansing is still on his boat in the cold . . .